vordis technologies is a multinational company with more than 19 years of experience in Unified Communications Solutions (UCaaS), Cybersecurity, WAN Optimization, Cloud and Systems, together with our Security Network Operations Center (SNOC) where we are able to prevent, detect and resolve any threat that could generate a security breach in the client’s network.

Key Differentiators

vordis technologies is a multinational company, who has been helping from year 2000 its customers deploy projects in more than 40 countries. Among its clients we can find the 60% from IBEX35, and with a 97% ratio of contentment in areas such as Unified Communications, Cybersecurity, WAN Optimization, Cloud, and Applications.

We feel passionate for technology and believe it must solve problems and not create them; we associate with our customers to ensure our solutions help boost their business. We have developed our own solutions based on cutting edge and cost-efficient services, which combined with our experience, allows us to reach success in the projects we work on.

We commercialize our solutions as a service because technology is not static and is equally important having the knowledge and technical capacities during the whole project life to adapt the technological solutions to the changes and the always evolving business needs. As associates in the projects, we do not ask our clients to assume risking money on technology, we keep a relation of dedication with the service we offer and ensure our clients can focus on business affairs.

How can we do this? We are a technology company, with highly specialized resources in the solutions we work with. Through cloud-based solutions, that allow sharing costs associated to the platforms, and with cost-efficient assets in our clients’ network.

But technology is not everything, as a business associate, our clients have our commitment to make an additional push to ensure the business success. Due to this, our corporative principles are: Commitment, Integrity, Team Work, Innovation and Excellence.

Locations & Global reach

Orange, CA, USA
Lima, PERÚ
Santiago, CHILE
Madrid, ESPAÑA
Florianopolis, BRASIL
Bilbao, ESPAÑA
Barcelona, ESPAÑA
Valencia, ESPAÑA

International Projects