Digital Experience Managament

The objective of Application optimization is to improve the delivery of services and applications to users, enabling the consolidation of application infrastructure, in Datacenters or in the Cloud, simplifies the management and operation of application infrastructure. More recently the reduction in cost and improved availability of bandwidth has resulted in improved performance, however application optimization is still critical where latency and network quality can be an issue.

Application performance optimization employs a number of technologies that are implemented in the IT infrastructure to enhance the functionality of the network. In addition to these technologies, solutions include the monitoring of bandwidth capacity, application protocols, overall network traffic, application coding, network latency, potential attacks of software vulnerabilities and more.

While each of these techniques adds to the effectiveness of a network’s application delivery, the optimal way to maintain efficient delivery methods is to utilize a proactive monitoring system to record and measure total end-to-end performance metrics. By closely monitoring the manner in which particular networks function and by handling potential threats and prioritizing the use of resources before problems arise, businesses can optimize the delivery of applications and services.

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