Visibility and control

Digital Experience Managament

The quality of the End User Experience is one of the key factors for the successful digital transformation, Businesses and IT leaders need a complete, integrated solution that enables them to proactively and manage end-user digital experiences across the infrastructure on which applications and services depend, not only for the transformation but for the complete the software lifecycle.

Our Digital Experience Management solution provides end-to-end monitoring with proactive performance intelligence, allowing companies to measure, assess today´s users digital experiences to understand and improve the business impact of change. The results: consistently high levels of user satisfaction, improved agility allowing innovation with fewer issues.

Gain a complete view of the digital experience: You need a complete understanding of how your apps and digital services are performing—across all
locations and devices, with insights from the perspective that matters most: your end-users

Consistently deliver high-performing digital services: Performance problems can pop up at a moment’s notice. DEM gives you the ability to demarcate and resolve issues quickly—before business is impacted

Successfully roll-out frequent, high-impact releases: Pinpointing opportunities for developing new or improved features is critical for customer satisfaction and retention. Riverbed’s solution provides business relevant insights to help you prioritize development efforts, build new features faster, and ensure all updates continue to meet both user and business requirements.

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