Data Security


Data Securitr

vordis technologies offers a comprehensive response to ensure the confidentiality, integrity of your proprietary information from threats ranging from user negligence to industrial espionage, within the corporate network, in new mobile uses to collaborative tools.

Our Data Security is based on end-to-end data encryption, from user to recipient, so as to provide transparent protection against man-in-the-middle attacks, malicious administration, and data leaks. Our solutions provide security for Cloud & Mobility, allowing corporations and organizations to take advantage of the performance and agility of collaborative cloud applications such as Microsoft Office365 or Dropbox, while retaining control over the confidentiality of outsourced data. Regardless of the OS used (Windows, iOS, Android, etc), users can very simply exchange information with internal and external coworkers by sharing encrypted information through these cloud applications. Only the data is encrypted and as such, does not depend on the cloud platforms used.

Equally important is the availability of proprietary data, our backup solutions ensure the ability to restore lost data, in solutions both on-premises and in the cloud, managed from a central cloud based interface with robust MFA.

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