Segurança do End Point


End Point Security

A security environment generally depends on the discernment of users and the responsiveness of signature-based tools, such as antivirus. Despite their investments into traditional security solutions, companies remain vulnerable. Our Endpoint Security offers a additional layer of security which is complimentary to traditional AV solutions to compensate these weaknesses: by ensuring continuous control over behaviors on servers, workstations, and terminal devices according to fine-grained security policies put in place by the administrator.

Faced with sophisticated or targeted attacks, the solution monitors and blocks programs’ suspicious behavior – such as memory access, keylogging, or exploiting vulnerabilities (including the misuse of legitimate software) – in real time. By operating as close as possible to the OS, our solution gains unique effectiveness against Advanced Persistant Threats such as zero-day attacks and ransomware.

Without requiring signature database updates, our Endpoint Security solutions maintains optimal security conditions for environments that are subject to the strictest constraints, such as operational infrastructures, privileged workstations or point-of-sales terminals. This real-time protection is completely transparent and autonomous; it has no impact on workstation performance nor requires connections to external systems. Moreover, in the event of an attack, the administrator is immediately informed via the centralized console. As there is no signature database to maintain, this solution is perfectly suited for end-of-life, discontinued or no-longer supported systems.

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